The Benefits of Opening Up a Business Bank Account

If you run a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) without separating out your financials, you could potentially lose the personal liability protection you would have as an individual in case your business runs into any trouble. That means creditors could come after your personal assets if your business acquires a debt.

There are other reasons it’s good practice to open a separate business bank account. A business checking account makes you look more professional in front of clients. You’ll get custom checks with your business’s name on them, a dedicated company debit card, and you’ll also make your accountant’s life so much easier for tax time.

Opening a business bank account is also one step to establishing business credit for your company, something that can help you qualify for financing and positive supplier terms down the line. The benefits you get when you open a business bank account far outweigh the headaches—get it over with early, and you’ll be happy you did!


Please fill out this Business Account Application to get started:


In addition to the online form above, we will need a copy of the following:
• A copy of a photo ID (driver’s license, passport) and a secondary ID (social security card, birth certificate, firearm card) for each signer.
• Copy of the Department of Treasury EIN form
• Articles of Organization from the Secretary of State
• Copy of the Operating Agreement
Minimum of $250.00 to open the account

Plus  Support Documents to Open New Business Account to upload, click or go here:


ShareFile allows you to send us sensitive documents in a secure and encrypted fashion with no limitation on document size to the bank without making a trip to our brick and mortar location.