Download the Surcharge Free ATM locator for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android.

You will never pay a surcharge again when you use your Visa® Check Card or ATM Card at any of over 32,000 ATMs nationwide in the Allpoint ATM network. One in 12 of all ATMs in the U.S. is in the Allpoint network, making it the largest ATM network in the country.

Use your card at any ATM in the Allpoint network to access your Allied First Bank account 24 hours a day. Enjoy an unlimited number of surcharge-free transactions. Withdraw from your Savings or Checking account, transfer between accounts, or advance funds from your Line of Credit.

Allpoint's surcharge-free ATMs are located across the country in local, regional, and national retail merchants. They include merchants such as Target, Costco, ExxonMobil, Rite Aid, Sunoco and many others. Use our ATM Locator to discover the Allpoint ATMs closest to where you live, work, or shop.

ATM transactions are also free and unlimited at any Allied First Bank ATM machine, and you can also use your card for unlimited free Point of Sale (POS) transactions.

Notice to Allpoint Users: If the surcharge screen appears during your Allpoint ATM transaction press "yes" to accept the surcharge and proceed with your withdrawal. You will not be charged the surcharge or Allpoint will refund your money. Balance inquiries from an Allpoint ATM machine may incur a transaction fee.