Allied First Bank offers Certificates of Deposit ranging from three months to five years at exceptional rates. You can open your CD for:

  • 3 month
  • 6 month
  • 12 month
  • 2 year
  • 3 year
  • 4 year
  • 5 year

Begin earning a great return on your investment with a minimum deposit of $500. Interest is credited to the accounts monthly. The annual percentage yield is based on the assumption that interest will remain in the account until maturity. Penalties may apply for withdrawals prior to maturity.

Ladder your CD's

You can structure the terms of your Certificates of Deposit into smaller CD packages with better rates and varying maturities. By purchasing a 6 month, 12 month, and 24 month CD (or any other terms that fit your lifestyle), you will have short term access to your funds for any large purchases as your CDs reach maturity. If you do not need the funds, roll them over into a new CD. If you feel confident that you will not need the funds, invest in a longer term CD and receive the higher interest benefit.

Ladder the term of your Certificates of Deposit in intervals so each one matures at the frequency you desire. This allows you to capitalize on the long-term rate while still maintaining flexibility. This is just one more way Allied First Bank is serving your key financial needs.

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